Last Updated: 7/12/17

A complete application denotes that a permit is administratively complete and a technical review still  needs to be conducted before the permit can be issued.

Ridley Park Municipal Complex Ridley Park Borough Gen Complete 7/10/2003 PAG2002303050
SHC Homes Ridley Township Gen Complete 5/6/2005 PAG2003045032
Weir Road Subdivision Aston Gen Complete 8/29/2005 PAG2002305058
Congregation Beth Israel Middletown Gen Complete 1/10/2006 PAG2002306003
817/819 Crum Creek Road Marple Gen Complete 9/18/2006 PAG2002306054
322 Plaza Concord Gen Incomplete 4/20/2007 PAG2002307012
TA Flynn Development Co. Chester Township Gen Complete 11/29/2007 PAG2002307034
Bryn Mawr West Medical Office Newtown Gen Complete 4/23/2007 PAG2002304054-1
Walden School Upper Providence Gen Complete 9/29/2008 PAG2002308047
Granite Run Mall Expansion Middletown Gen Complete 11/21/2008 PAG2002308050
Ronald O. Hineman Chaddsford Gen Complete 4/23/2009 PAG2002309008
Proposed Homewood Suites Hotel & Restaurant Upper Chichester Gen Complete 5/26/2009 PAG2002309011
Delmont Utilities Fill Site Newtown Gen Complete 3/4/2010 PAG02002310004
Springfield Grocery Springfield Gen Complete 10/15/2010 PAG02002310019
Society Hill of Boothwyn Upper Chichester Gen Complete 11/18/2010 PAG02002310025
SR2031, Section DBR Ridley Park Borough Gen Complete 12/8/2010 PAG02002311001
Rose Hill Developers, L.P. Chester Heights Gen Complete 5/20/2015 PAG02002315015
North Wayne Park Improvements Radnor Gen Complete 6/5/2015 PAG02002315020
Delcora Utility Water City of Chester Gen Complete 12/18/2015 PAG02002315040
US 322 Improvement Project Concord & Bethel Gen Complete 3/14/2016 PAG02002314006-1
Franklin Mint, Pennell Road Project- Wawa Convenience Store Middletown Ind Complete 8/19/2016 PAI012316006
Proposed Retail & Café Folcroft Gen Complete 9/13/2016 PAC230002
Stoney Creek Developers, Inc. Middletown Ind Complete 10/18/2016 PAD230002
427 E. Lancaster Ave. Radnor Gen Complete 1/23/2017 PAC230017
Villages of Four Seasons Marple Gen Complete 3/16/2017 PAC230027
Crane Property Thornbury Gen Complete 3/24/2017 PAC230028
Upgraded Wawa Upper Providence Gen Complete 4/11/2017 PAC230030
Extra Space Storage Facility Ridley Gen Complete 4/28/2017 PAC230032
Smedley Park Middletown Ind Complete 5/22/2017 PAD230008
Airport Business Campus Expansion Tinicum Ind Incomplete 5/19/2017 PAD230009
SR 0003 Section GED Marple Gen Incomplete 5/22/2017 PAC230033
600 Abbott Drive Marple Gen Complete 6/7/2017 PAC230034
Hillman Drive Extension to Baltimore Pike Chaddsford Gen Complete 6/28/2017 PAC230035
Proposed Car Dealership Expansion Concord Gen Under Review 6/27/2017 PAC230037
Wonderland Farms Chaddsford Gen Under Review 6/30/2017 PAC230036