May 2, 2007    Delaware County Conservation District Poster Contest Results

The 2007 Delaware County Conservation District Poster contest “Conservation’s Power” was quite a success.   The District would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest including teachers, parents, students, the District Board of Directors, and all of the judges.  Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see all of you next year!  The winners are as follows:

K-1 :   1st: Daniel McKenna, Norwood School, Grade 1     2nd: Stefan Cerynik, Homeschool, Kindergarten

4-6:   1st:  Mark Spoor, Woodlyn Christian School, Grade 5     2nd:  Isabela Weaks, Highland Park Elementary School, Grade 5

7-9:   1st:  Emily McKenna, Norwood School, Grade 7     2nd:  Peter Neill, Cardinal O’Hara High School, Grade 9     3rd:  Lamar Holman, Glen Mills School, Grade 9     4th:  Caitlynn Brunt, Woodlyn Christian School, Grade 8

10-12:   1st:  Colter Bell, Glen Mills School, Grade 10     2nd: Jason Peterson, Glen Mills School, Grade 10     3rd:  Matthew Nicewinter, The Christian Academy, Grade 10     4th:  Felipe Sanchez, Glen Mills School, Grade 12

Any questions please call Jamie Anderson, Watershed Specialist, 610-892-9484.