The Delaware County Conservation District would like to congratulate the following winners for the 2010 Poster Contest “Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats”:


1st: Olivia Fox- Swarthmore-Rutledge School- Grade 1

2nd: Maya Esty- Swarthmore-Rutledge School-Grade 1

3rd: Elizabeth Coltman- Swarthmore-Rutledge School – Grade 1

4th: Michael Beckley-Gray – Swarthmore-Rutledge School- Grade 1



1st:  Ellie Runiewicz- Swarthmore-Rutledge School- Grade 2

2nd: Natalie Moyer- Hillcrest Elementary School- Grade 2

3rd: Husayn al-Jamil- Swarthmore-Rutledge School – Grade 2

4th: Sarah Peichel- Swarthmore-Rutledge School – Grade 3



1st: Thomas Geveke- Parkside Elementary School- Grade 4

2nd: Emma Placzek- Woodlyn Christian School- Grade 4

3rd: Caleb Beckley-Gray- Swarthmore-Rutledge School- Grade 4

4th: Kirsten Park- Ridley Middle School- Grade 6



1st:  Mark Spoor- Woodlyn Christian School- Grade 8

2nd: Crista Moreland- Woodlyn Christian School- Grade 7

3rd:  Hermes Almodovar- Glen Mills Schools- Grade 9

4th:  Melanie Chubb- Woodlyn Christian School- Grade 7



1st: Jesse Ortega- Glen Mills Schools- Grade 12

2nd: L. Squire- Glen Mills Schools- Grade 10

3rd: Omarr Hughes- Glen Mills Schools- Grade 11