Delaware County Bluebird Nestbox Trail 

bluebirdcloseupDCCD first became associated with the Bluebird Trail when we awarded a minigrant to the Bluebird Nestbox Trail Association for additional nestboxes.  Presently DCCD monitors a nestbox outside of our office in Rose Tree Park.  Monitors log a journal and take pictures of the activity at the nestbox throughout the year.

Key to Journal Entries
BL- Bluebird
TS- Tree Swallow
HS- House Sparrow
PN- Pine Needles
E- Eggs


Bluebird Nestbox Journal


Rose Tree Park- Hunt Club

Early April -Mating pair seen at Nestbox

Female BB

Female BL perched on top of her nestbox guarding from competition

Tree Swallow

A Tree Swallow competes for the nest, eventually losing to the BL.  Tree Swallows nested unsuccessfully last Spring. Bluebird Journal 2003

4/19- Nest built in box with pine needles

Incomplete Nest

  BL nest in the process of being built. BL like to use pine needles for their nest.

 5/6- 4 E in nest, eggs are blue, obviously a bluebird batch

 5/12- E not hatched yet, male BL brought female BL a worm

 Late May- All 4 E hatched successfully


  4 baby BL huddle together in nest just a few days after being born.

 June- all 4 baby BLs fledged nest

6/11- BL nest rebuilt

 6/14 1 E in nest

6/16- 3 E in nest

6/17- 4 E in nest

6/25- 4 E in nest

6/29- 4 E in nest, can see a weak spot on the eggs

6/30- 3 eggs hatched, the young lifted their heads and open their mouths when we made squeaking sounds, 1 egg has not hatched yet

7/7– All 4 E have hatched


4 newborn bluebirds, second nesting of the season

7/15– The 4 young BL have begun to change color from the fluffy grey feathers to a bluish green tint


The change from grey to blue feathers can be seen in this picture

7/22/04- The young BL have fledged.

8/4/04The BL nest again! 3 new Eggs in nestbox.

8/9/04- BL 3E are still in the nest.

8/13/04- Eggs not hatched yet.

8/16/04– All 3 Es hatched.

8/18/04– Baby birds were found on the ground in front of nest 1 missing, 1 dead, and 1 alive. The live one was place back in the nest.  No signs of what threw them from the nestbox.

 8/20/04- The Baby was still alive, although the parents have not been seen at the box in two days.

 8/23/04- The last Baby Bl was found dead in the nest.  The nest was removed from the box.

Despite the last nesting, this was the most successful season in Rose Tree Park.  Hopefully next season will be great as well.