The Clean Marina Program is intended to educate Boaters on several topics that will help keep our waterways clean, healthy, and enjoyable.

    Sewage: Human waste contains harmful bacteria that can cause disease if people come in contact.   It also contains nutrients harmful to aquatic species.

    Litter: Not only is litter an eyesore, creating an unpleasant experience, it can become lodge or entangled in boats and can be harmful to fish.

    Fueling: Petroleum products can be harmful to all aquatic species and humans that inhale them or eat contaminated seafood.

    Boat maintenance: many products used to maintain a boat are toxic to humans, fish, and plants.  They should be applied safely and according to directions.

    Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species: Non-native plants can destroy fragile ecosystems in our rivers and bays.  Be sure to inspect your vessel before entering a new waterway.

Download a full color brochure in .PDF format that talks about these topics in detail, and provides information on how to prevent harming our waterways!

Smart Boaters’ Guide To Clean Waters in Pennsylvania

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