Crum Reservoir

Crum Reservoir at Beatty Road

Crum Creek River Conservation Plan


319 and Source Water Assessment Program

sponsored by:

Delaware County Conservation District

Schnabel Engineering

Philadelphia Suburban Water Company

Chester, Ridley, Crum Watersheds Association


The Crum Creek Watershed 319 and Source Water Assessment Project has been completed after extensive research, studies, computer modeling, and public involvement. The reports present the status of the Crum Creek Watershed along with recommendations on how to improve the quality and management of the Watershed. The reports outline potential sources of point and nonpoint pollution, as well as documented impacts of sedimentation to the Springton Reservoir. Computer models have also been developed to show the impacts of continued urbanization the Watershed.

The Crum Creek Watershed is a source of public water supplied by the Philadelphia Suburban Water Company. It is imperative to the health of the community to have an understanding of the relationship between development and water quality, and how to manage these systems in a way that will ensure water remains a viable resource for future generations. The 319 and Source Water Assessment Reports are tools that will help with restoring and maintaining a healthy watershed.

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