Southeast PA TreeVitalize Watersheds Program

Cage Placement at Kent ParkSince 2005, TreeVitalize Watersheds, led by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) in the five-county southeastern PA region, has focused on tree planting along stream corridors, adjacent upland areas, headwaters, and “naturalized” stormwater basins. Through this program, dozens of such watershed restoration projects are conducted throughout the region every year, resulting in thousands of trees planted in those sensitive water protection zones. The program receives funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and corporate sponsors Aqua PA and PECO, as well as substantial in-kind contributions from various partners.

TreeVitalize Watersheds depends on collaboration with six organizations that funnel, guide, and help implement watershed restoration projects in their service areas: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Conservation District offices in each of the four surrounding SEPA counties, and the Stroud Water Research Center in Chester County. These six organizations provide technical assistance to a variety of smaller organizations and local watershed groups in their areas.

If you are planning a restoration project or a stormwater management project and are interested in being considered for funding through this program, please contact Delaware County Conservation District’s Watershed Specialist, Karen Wilwol.

**The 2021 application period is now CLOSED. Please contact Karen Wilwol if you are interested in seeking funding for Spring or Fall 2022.**

For more information, including grant application requirements and forms, please visit