Name Hours Number
Emergency 24HRs 911
Delaware Estuary Hotline 9-5 MF, VM** 800-445-4935
Emergencies: Report Spills or
  Environmental Concerns
  Southeast PA DEP 24HRs 484-250-5900
EPA Region III Citizen’s Hotline, Phila. 8-4:30MF, VM 800-438-2474
National Response Center to Report Spills 24HRs 800-424-8802
PA Emergency Management Agency 24HRs 800-424-7362
PA Environmental Council 8-5 MF
  General Environmental Information Voice Mail 800-322-9214
PA League of Women’s Voters 8:30-4:30 MF
  Bill Status Information Voice Mail 800-692-7281
PA Resources Council Environmental Living Hotline Voice Mail 800-468-6772
Pesticides Hotline, EPA 6:30-4:30^,VM 800-858-7378
Recycling (DEP) 9-4MF, VM 800-346-4242
Reports of incidents of hauling garbage in
  food trucks- State Police, DEP 24HRs 800-541-2050
SEPTA Information Center 6AM-8PM, MF 610-734-1300
Small Business Ombudsman Hotline to
  help small business owners comply with
  EPA environmental laws 8-3:30MF, VM 800-368-5888
State Parks (DCNR) 9-6MF 800-637-2757
Superfund Solid Waste Hotline (EPA) INFO 24HRS 800-424-9346
Used Oil Hotline (DEP) (Not Direct Line) 8-4:30MF, VM 717-783-6004