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As you know, the new online PNDI Environmental Review (ER) Tool has been released to the general public and for use with DEP permits. The intent of this Tool is the pre-screening of proposed projects for potential impacts with species of special concern. The Tool can be accessed from the new PA Natural Heritage Program website at

We are aware of the various steps that need to be taken in order to get up and running on the new system. The technical requirements to run the new system include an Internet connection, Internet Explorer 5.x or newer, and a Sun Java 2 Plug-In. The largest issue related to this is the download and installation of the Java Plug-In that is required to view the interactive map used to locate projects. The ER system will prompt for download and install of this Plug-In if you do not already have it, but you will need to have appropriate Internet and local computer permissions and access.

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