Ridley Creek at Media Wetlands along Baltimore Pike

Ridley Creek River Conservation Plan

Flow Facts:

Area:  38 square Miles

Mainstem length:  24 Miles

DEP Stream Designation/Uses:

Stream Section

Designation, Use

Ridley Creek Source to MediaWater Intake High Quality , Trout StockingFishery
Media Water Intake to LR 23013(SR 2006) Bridge Trout Stocking Fishery
Non-Tidal Portions of Basin, LR23013 Bridge to Mouth at Delaware Warm Water Fishery, MigratoryFishes


Population within Watershed: Not determined, although density increases significantly down through the watershed.


Chester, Delaware

Chester County Municipalities:

West Whiteland Twp., East Whiteland Twp., West Goshen Twp., East Goshen Twp.,  Willistown Twp., and Westtown Twp.

Delaware County Municipalities:

Edgmont Twp., Upper Providence Twp., Middletown Twp., Media Borough, Nether Providence Twp., Rose Valley Borough, Brookhaven Borough, Parkside Borough, Upland Borough, Eddystone Borough, and Chester City


Watershed Groups and Partnerships:

Chester, Ridley, and Crum Watersheds Association

River Conservation Plan:

Ridley Creek River Conservation Plan

Act 167 Plan- This comprehensive stormwater management plan has been completed and should have been  adopted by all municipalities in the watershed.  Contact your local official for a copy of the ordinance. Note: Ridley was the first Act 167 plan developed and is slated for an update in 2007.

History/ Description:

The Ridley Creek watershed is the highest quality stream in Delaware County.  The mainstem is designated High Quality – Trout Stocking Fishery from the headwaters to U.S Route 1.  The upper watershed is fairly developed with large land tracks (many under land trust protection).  Ridley Creek State Park dominates the middle watershed with 2600 acres of protected open space.  The lower watershed becomes increasingly urban culminating in Chester City and Eddystone at the confluence into the Delaware River between the seaport and newly developed casino/racetrack.  Historically, the stream was heavily dammed to move quarried material and textiles.  Several of the old dams are being torn down in an effort to restore fish populations to the stream.  Mineral Hill is a unique site located above the Media Wetlands.  It was a world famous mineral deposit in the late 19th century.  Many exotic minerals can still be found at the site, which is slated for development.  Ridley Creek is a popular site for Trout Fishing in Southeast PA.  The stream has been able to survive many of the impacts that neighboring watershed have had, however, as urbanization increases in the upper and middle watershed stormwater and non-point source pollution have been increasing and water quality decreasing.  It appears that the trend will continue in the near future as several large tracts of land including the famous Mineral Hill site have development plans in the permitting phase.   Flooding is a problem in the lower watershed where the floodplain has been encroached by homes and businesses.

Priority sites:

Ridley Creek State Park


Irving Mill Dam removal, Taylor Dam removal, Delco Anglers Trout Hatchery, TreeVitalize planting at Mills of Rose Valley, Bank protection at Old Mill in Rose Valley

Link to Stream flow USGS gauge at Rt. 1 stream crossing