Storm Drain Labeling


The District is participating in an effort with local municipalities, volunteers and The Southeastern PA RC&D to label stormdrains throughout the County in an effort to educate the public on the hazards of dumping pollutants into the inlets.  Many people do not realize that stormdrains lead directly to streams and not the sewer plant.  When you dump oil or other pollutants into the inlet it flows directly into the stream contributing to what is called nonpoint source pollution.  This is extremely damaging to the stream and life it supports.  It is also increases the price of purification if the stream is a source of drinking water.

The district is using the following techniques to educate the public.

1. Providing assistance with stormdrain markers (pictured above) that can be glued to inlets.

2. Providing stormdrain stencils that can be used as a template for labeling inlets.  They are available free of charge.

3. The District has a video on stormdrain labeling and awareness.  It is a short music video that relates the message “Storm Sewers Don’t Go To The Sewer Plant”.  It is available free of charge.

The following municipalities in Delaware County are participating:

Darby Borough, Swarthmore, Springfield, Nether Providence, Marple Twp., Radnor, Ridley Twp., Upper Providence, Newtown, Sharon Hill, Aston, and Collingdale.